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CEO Greetings

Taeyang Precision specializing in the manufacture of
core auto parts, such as engines, transmissions, injection pumps
and turbochargers , has been receiving customer's love
and support through long-term know-how and endless research
and development, particularly in stamping,
precision double-sided grinding and precision honing process.

On top of this, our full focus is on building up the foundation of effective knowledge-based management system from comprehensive and long-term perspectives, as well as on improving business implementation capability such as continuous cost saving and radical reform. All of our employees are striving to become a future-oriented global enterprise based on management foundation in international level through such a forward-looking management innovation.

Taeyang Precision is committed to enhance customer value far more based on top quality and technology and reliability and to become the most reliable business partner who can bring utmost satisfaction to customers at all times.

Thank you.

CEOKim Dae Yun

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